Village Inn Appears In Dujiangyan

China's first chain village inns will open in May 2009 in Dujiangyan, Sichuan.

It is learned that the Chengdu Hongjie Tourism and Holiday Company has signed a cooperation agreement with the local government to set up a management company to develop village tourism of Daguan Town. The management company will rent houses from local farmers and change them into standard hotel rooms. To date, two farmers of Chaping Village have become the first contractors.

The village inn plan will help with the marketing and of management of village tourism in Dujiangyan, and will greatly improve the local tourism infrastructure. "We hope to make Daguan the modal village of village tourism for Chengdu through the village inn plan," a local government official said.

The price for a standard room is expected to be RMB100 per day, and dining facilities will be built in areas where there are more rooms. It is estimated that the village inn plan will double or triple local farmers' annual income.

The first batch of over ten guest rooms will open during the Labor Day holiday in May. It is hoped that the chain village inns will attract about 100 local farmers in three years to join the plan, with more than 1,500 rooms.