Aqua OCT Boutique Hotel Shenzhen Opens Soon

OCT East Shenzhen and OCT International Hotel Management Company Ltd. is about to open the latest hotel in their theme resort cluster: The Aqua OCT Boutique Hotel.

The Aqua OCT Boutique Hotel is hidden inside the waterfall which is 300 meters in width and 70 meters in height. The hotel lobby lies between a sightseeing point and the waterfall, so guests will walk along a glass corridor and then walk over the flowing river before arriving at the lobby, and will see a spectrum colors formed by the sun shining through the water.

The hotel boasts 94 guest rooms and for meetings the Aqua Ballroom, covering nearly 2,000 square meters, is equipped with two rectangular main stages and a central arena stage.

The full-day dining cafe called Cafe Aqua, which is able to accommodate 70 persons, has a wine storage room and a separate music player system. The hotel also has its own beer hall — the Beer Factory — which can be divided into two layers. Including the ground floor and the beach layer, the Beer Factory can seat 90 guests and 60 seats respectively.

The hotel is located in a combination of mountain park and urban park, with a theme of ecological tourism.