Design For Peace Hotel Shanghai Approved

Design company Hirsch Bedner Associates has announced that the design for the Peace Hotel Shanghai has been approved by Jin Jiang International, and the hotel is planned to reopen in March 2010 as the Fairmont Peace Hotel Shanghai.

The Peace Hotel has been a Shanghai landmark for many years. HBA aims to restore the full glory of the hotel including the famous Nine Nations Suites. The Indian, English, Chinese, and American suites will remain the same as the old Peace Hotel, while the French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and German suites will be redesigned in line with their original concepts.

The ground floor will be returned to its classic cruciform floor plan, with revolving entrance doors on all four sides of the hotel. The Presidential Suite on the top floor where the hotel's former owner Victor Sassoon once lived in will also be preserved.

According to industry watchers the new Peace Hotel will be an ultra-luxury hotel with the average room price being increased from the current USD100 to USD300-400, making it one of Shanghai's most expensive hotels.