Guizhou And Guangxi To Build Tourism Zone Together

At the recent 5th Pan-Pearl River Delta Regional Cooperation and Development Consultation Forum, Guizhou and Guangxi signed a tourism cooperation agreement to build the Guizhou-Guangxi express tourism zone.

Under the agreement, the two provinces will further cooperate to build the Guiyang-Guangzhou express railway and the Xiamen-Chengdu freeway, to develop and promote the Guiyang-Guilin-Guangzhou tourist route, and to boost the tourism zone. Meanwhile Guizhou and Guangxi will also work together on the management of the tourism market and on training.

Statistics show that in the first quarter of 2009, Guizhou received 21.222 million tourists, an increase of 86.59% compared with last year; its tourism revenue reached CNY16.977 billion, an increase of 124.19%. Guangxi received 27.346 million visitors, an increase of 12.3%; and tourism revenue was CNY15.7 billion, an increase of 23%.