Henan Publishes Penalties Standards On Tourism

The newly published Henan Administrative Penalties Standards on Tourism specifies penalties for activities that are against the Regulations on Travel Agencies implemented on May 1, 2009.

Travel agencies that deceive or force tourists to go shopping or to take part in other paid activities that are not included in their contract will be fined up to CNY100,000, tour guides and tour escorts will also be fined CNY10,000.

If these activities have caused economic losses of up to CNY30,000 to tourists, travel agencies will have to pay a penalty of CNY400,000 to CNY500,000, while tour guides and tour escorts will also be fined with CNY40,000 to CNY50,000. Meanwhile, the agency's business permit and passes for tour guide and tour escorts will be suspended.

Charges for services that are outside of the contract will also be a reason for punishment. If the amount is below CNY1,000, a fine of CNY10,000 will be imposed and the agency will be ordered to rectify the fault. For serious offences, fines of CNY40,000 to CNY50,000 will be levied. Agencies that have not signed contracts with tourists will also be punished with fines.