Providing International Service With Ethnic Characteristics

Daniel ChengDaniel Cheng has held the post of general manager at Inner Mongolia Jin Jiang International Hotel since January 2008. We interviewed him on what he thinks of the regional advantage of Inner Mongolia and how he will seize opportunities for the development of the hotel.

What are the key features of the Inner Mongolia Jin Jiang International Hotel?
This is the Jin Jiang Group's flagship in Inner Mongolia as the flagship store, and we uphold and take advantage the of "Jin Culture" as the hotel group's first advantage.We take into account the ethnic characteristics of the Mongolian, Manchu, and other ethnic minorities. It should be said, that our hotel takes full account of their hardware and services ethnic characteristics while reaching international standards.

How do you think Inner Mongolia will develop its regional advantages? In the current domestic MICE market, how can these advantages be developed to the greatest extent?
Inner Mongolia has some quite remarkable regional advantages. For example, at 17% this growth rate is almost twice that for the country as a whole. Further investigation shows that the region's value-added efforts are fairly strong — a great benefit for everybody.

We will benefit from the domestic market. The advantages of Inner Mongolia have gradually become more prominent. To the north are the vast grasslands of Inner Mongolia to attract visitors. More and more enterprises are beginning to look toward grassland tourism, while the local government also attaches great importance to this. This is a unique regional advantage.

What is the present percentage composition of your guests? What do you expect this to change in 2010?
Currently the hotel's major source market is business travelers; and then both MICE and tourist guests. Next year we will continue to expand the size of our business travel customer base.

What is your management philosophy? In your opinion what is the standard for a good hotel MICE service?
I personally think that simply giving top-down instruction is not control. The key is still to communicate with each other, thus giving employees more room for development.

A good standard is "beyond customers' expectation." Conference services that achieve positive and happy guests will ensure they choose us next time.

What differences do you see between managing a hotel in Inner Mongolia and other parts of China?
As an international hotel in the multi-ethnic and cultural center of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, to a great extent it is the same five-star management, the difference is the awareness of the local national characteristics and cultural characteristics.

What do you think business travelers require when they live in a hotel? And how can they be satisfied?
For business guests, the hotel's convenience, responsiveness, comfort and business advantages are major factors in decision to choose the hotel. To achieve these requirements one must have the software necessary to satisfy the guests with these services, hardware, office facilities, and have a good business presence the Internet.

What challenges has the global financial crisis brought to your work in Inner Mongolia?
Facing a financial crisis, a limited market and a limited number of competitors in the market are our biggest challenges.

How many times do you normally travel in a year? And how much of that is business travel?
Generally from three to five times a year for business within the Jin Jiang Hotels Group, such as group meetings and so on.

How do you apply your personal travel and hotel stay experiences into your hotel management work?
The needs and wishes of the guests will always be the yardstick for hotel management. Therefore, when other hotels are well established and consistent to that ideal, there will be things we can learn and use.

What is your opinion about cybermarketing? What are the advantages to the Inner Mongolia Jin Jiang International Hotel?
Network marketing is inherent in human development and an extension of conventional marketing, sales through the network can be extended to every corner of the world. Inner Mongolia Jin Jiang can take advantage of seamless global coverage to meet guests from around the world. Network marketing is the inevitable trend for the future direction of the industry and will replace the manpower as the major marketing tool. Jin Jiang Hotels Group has long been committed to continuous development and utilization of network marketing, and has formed its own network marketing structure and pays attention to international trends.

We have developed our new product,, according to MICE bookers’ requirements,what are your thoughts on and advice for this product?
I have used it and it runs well; and through the providing a convenient network tool to buyers it creates opportunities for the hotel. I see it as the media leader in the hotel industry. I hope that it continues to get better and better, and look forward to future cooperation.