Yellow River Golden Triangle Attracts Tourists

The 58 national scenic spots from the four cities of Yuncheng, Linfen, Weinan and Sanmenxia, which are located in the golden triangle area of the Yellow River, are offering preferential terms to attract tourists and boost the development of tourism in the region.

On production of a personal identification certificate such as an ID card, work certificate, driver's certificate, or student certificate, permanent residents of the four cities, including students who are studying at a college in the four cities can enjoy half-price door tickets at the 58 scenic spots.

It is learned that as a result of this policy, in the first nine months of 2009, the four cities received a total of 33.4398 million tourists and achieved a total tourism revenue of CNY20.324 billion, which were increases of 19.04% and 25.97%, respectively compared with those of the previous year.

According to Lu Shisheng, a director of the Shanxi, Shaanxi and Henan Triangle Pilot Development Zone, tourism is just one of sectors that the three regions cooperate on and later they will look other opportunities for mutual development. Lu stated that tourism is of great significance to the general development of the region as well as the to the development strategy of the West.