Chongqing Travel Agencies Form Tourism Alliance

A group of 16 travel agencies in Chongqing have joined together to form a tourism alliance.

Initiated by 16 travel agencies, including Chongqing Junhao International Travel Service, CTS Chongqing, and Guangda International Travel Service, the Chongqing Tourism Alliance is reported to be the first super large travel agent in China. The alliance's members pledge that they will work to share resources and interests; share risks; resist zero tour fees; and improve travel service quality.

You Kaihong, the CEO of the alliance, said that establishment of the alliance would bring an end to a confused situation in the Chongqing travel agency market. He added that the alliance had entered into strategic partnerships with scenic spots and travel agencies in a number of places like Guizhou, Yunnan, and Beijing, and it would help these regions market their tourism resource and products in Chongqing. You concluded that the alliance would expel any members and confiscate their deposit if they violate the alliance rules that are aimed to create a well regulated tourism market.