CNTA Publishes Tourist Satisfaction Survey Result For 2009

China's National Tourism Administration has published its National Tourist Satisfaction Survey results for 2009: its first annual tourist satisfaction survey.

The survey showed that the comprehensive tourist satisfaction index for 2009 was 79.80. In terms of three major markets, the domestic tourist satisfaction index is comparatively lower than those of inbound and outbound tourists. In terms of various sectors, satisfaction for scenic spots maintains a high level, while satisfaction for travel agency services and tourists shopping were generally at a low level. In addition, satisfaction for eastern Chinese cities was also at a higher level. Out of the 50 sample cities, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, and Hangzhou received the highest annual comprehensive tourist satisfaction indexes.

The survey also shows the main factors that influence tourist satisfaction include too much self-paid items, poor traffic conditions, imperfect tourist public service systems, a lack of unique tourism shopping commodities, and a miss-match between price and quality. The high price for scenic spots, the crowding, low service quality, and poor signage also impact on tourist satisfaction to some extent.

After being commissioned by CNTA, the China Tourism Academy begun the tourist satisfaction survey in the second quarter of 2009 and released the results for second and third quarters of 2009 in July and October 2009 respectively.