Hebei Launches Online Virtual Travel Experience

Hebei Tourism Administration has launched its online virtual travel experience system on Hebeitour.com.cn.

As a supplement to traditional travel, this online travel area is a virtual platform combining e-maps and 3D scenes based on the actual tourist attractions in the province. Tourists can experience scenic spots such as Chengde Summer Resort, Beidaihe, Baiyangdian Scenic Area, and Zhaozhou Bridge through words, pictures, and music. Relevant information regarding transport, dining, lodging, shopping, and entertainment are also displayed on the website.

Hebei Tourism Administration says that, with the development of technology, tourists will be able to wander along virtual routes and stop at any time to enjoy the scenery, climb a mountain or cross over a river; it is also possible that tourists can communicate with each other while they make their virtual trips, and they can even be photographed together.