Travel Agencies In Yangtze River Delta Prepare For Expo 2010

Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration, together with Shen Zhou Zhi Lv and Yangtze River Delta Travel Agencies Cooperation Summit, recently held a forum to discuss the issues regarding tourism quality for World Expo 2010.

Shen Zhou Zhi Lv, representing the Shanghai travel agencies that are able to organize World Expo tours, has published a letter proposing "improving awareness about World Expo and being a good host".

The agencies promised that there would be no frauds perpetrated on tourists and no price competition in order to establish a good business ethics and a new image for Shanghai's tourism industry. Shen Zhou Zhi Lv will attract tourists via large-scale tourism activities such as exchanging tourist sources with other provinces and cities via charter flights or ships. During the World Expo, the combine will introduce more tourist products that cover major Chinese tourist cities and even some more remote areas.

Shen Zhou Zhi Lv has ten members that include CYTS, Shanghai Changjiang Overseas, Shanghai Great World International Travel Service, Shanghai Dazhong Travel Agency, and China Travel International.