Expotia.com Online For World Expo Hotel Reservations

HUBS1, the official hotel reservations service provider and sponsor for the 2010 World Expo, has announced that the hotel reservation website for World Expo Shanghai Expotia.com is now online after a month's trial operation.

According to local media, Expotia.com has room resources of about 300,000 room-nights, covering almost all the star-rated and economy hotels of famous brands in Shanghai municipality. If hotels that are within two or three hours' drive from Shanghai are taken into account, there is a total of between 400,000 and 500,000 room-nights.

Since its trial operation in February, Expotia.com has now accepted reservations for a total of 230,000 room/night, of which 40% are group bookings. Economy, four-star and five-star hotels are the most popular grades, while three-star hotels are somewhat less popular.

Besides hotel reservations, Expotia.com also provides services such as World Expo ticket booking, introductions to pavilions, a performance and events directory, and details of popular tourist attractions and other relevant information. Tourists are also able to make queries on the transportation options between two tourist attractions.