ILIA Signs Memorandum Of Cooperation With Xinhua Travel

The International Leisure Industry Association has signed a "Memorandum of Strategic Cooperation between ILIA and", making Xinhua Travel a strategic media partner of ILIA.

The partnership aims to promote the development of China's leisure industry, give full play to media's power to serve the leisure industry, and to establish a closer partnership between ILIA and national media.

According to the memo, Xinhua Travel will make use of its expertise and influence to expand coverage of reports. It will adopt various propaganda techniques to report activities, conferences and forums held by ILIA, including webcasts, interactive reports, online interviews, and official webpages. The two sides will jointly conduct initiatives such as online collection, surveys, photo and text displays, and featured topics. They will set up an ad-hoc meeting coordination mechanism to enhance communication. China's Research Center for the Leisure Economy at Renmin University will provide academic support in the shape of reports.

ILIA is an international leisure industry cooperation initiated by China, Hong Kong, Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, the USA, Canada, South Korea, Japan, and Australia.