Sichuan To Implement Five Tourism Initiatives

Sichuan's tourism administration has held a press briefing to announce that the province will implement five new tourism initiatives to enhance the sustainability of tourism in earthquake-stricken areas.

The first initiative is tourism training. By the end of 2010, the administration will have organized 22 types of training with lessons covering 3,100 trainees in six cities and prefectures that were severely affected by the earthquake. Of these 19 will be related to skill training in rural tourism locations, hotels and scenic areas; two will be related to service skills training for tour guides and the writing of tourist guide commentaries; and one will inform party and government leaders about tourism industry development knowledge.

The second initiative is the building of A grade scenic spots. The province will strive to build 20 A grade scenic spots by the end of 2010 in the six cities and prefectures, recommending at least ten to the National Tourism Administration to apply for AAAA or above grade scenic spots.

The third initiative is tourism product development and promotion. Sichuan will develop new tourism products fusing elements of natural ecology, historical culture and sightseeing and showing the new look of quake-stricken areas. Specially, it will develop 100 boutique routes concerning the Wenchuan earthquake.

The fourth initiative is tourism publicity and promotion. Themed "witnessing the reconstruction miracle, sensing the great", Sichuan will promote its new tourism products and routes, and set up a special column on Sichuan Tourism Information Network introducing tourism about quake-affected areas to attract tourists and people who wish to show care and love.

The fifth initiative is the development of tourism commodities. By taking advantage of tourism resources in the quake areas, the administration will help design, develop and promote featured tourism commodities including souvenirs, handicrafts, and native specialties.

The Tourism Administration will set up a steering group to ensure the effective implementation of the five new tourism initiatives.