OCT East To Open Three New Theme Hotels

Three new theme hotels will be launched by OCT East Theme Hotel Cluster in the second half of 2010, including the low-carbon-footprint Cargo Hostel.

These are Otique Aqua Hotel (West Wing) which is a part of Otique Aqua Hotel, Oasis O City Hotel which has a Cuckoo-Clock theme, and a container-themed hotel called Cargo Hostel. The theme hotel cluster of OCT East will be officially complete following the hotel openings.

It has taken over five years for OCT East Shenzhen and OCT International Hotel Management Company to complete the theme hotel cluster, which contains more than 1,300 rooms and includes the Interlaken OCT Hotel, Parkview O City Hotel, Otique Aqua Hotel, Otique Aqua Hotel (West Wing), Mahayana OCT Boutique Hotel, OCT East Express Hostel, Oasis O City Hotel, and Cargo Hostel.

The Cargo Hostel has been built using a cargo container structure which is specifically engineered with greenhouse gas reduction in mind. The hostel is basically built with recycled cargo containers without the use of concrete. In term of using renewable energy source, the Cargo Hostel uses solar power and energy saving light bulbs. Smart Cards for each room are used for central air conditioning unit to reduce unnecessary waste of energy consumption and greenery has been planted on the rooftop to add life on the low-carbon building.