Langqi Island To Build Ten Star-rated Hotels

Under the Fuzhou Langqi Island International Tourist Resort Project Investment Framework Agreement, an investment alliance including Wanda, Lenovo, and others, plans to put CNY20-30 billion into programs that include ten star-rated hotels, shopping street, and a submarine playground.

Design teams are said to be completing project planning soon, and construction is expected to start at the beginning of 2011.

After the development of Langqi Island, this will combine with the Minjinag River and Mawei ship culture scenic area to form a greater travel circle. As a result it is expected that the water landscape of Fuzhou, the coastal landscape of Langqi, and the ship culture of Mawei will greatly improve the appeal of Fuzhou.

It is also learned that Fuzhou is planning to build a route directly to Langqi Island and connecting to the 44.6-kilometer Huandao Road. This will link many tourist attractions together and speed up the construction of Langqi international tourist resort.