Traveling To Macau For Adventure And Relaxation

Chang Zhang is the director of human resources at Zhuhai Air Traffic Control Center. He has traveled extensively throughout China and across Asia to destinations that include Beijing, Kunming, Lhasa, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, and Vietnam.

The time when you generally go away for a holiday (score out of five):

Annual Leave ++++
Spring Festival +
Traditional holidays +++
“National Day” holiday ++++

Which city has impressed you most during your holidays?
A lot. In fact, if you have free time and relax, you may find that many cities are quite different from what you had expected them to be. I was most impressed by Yinchuan, a city known as "the Frontier Jiangnan" in China. Yinchuan is surrounded by the Yellow River, desert, and Helan Mountain, but it is not as aggressive as other cities in Western China, instead, it is like an elegant and leisurely city from south of the Yangtze River. It is a good stopover en-route to Alxa and Ejinaqi.

What are your criteria for choosing a travel destination? (Score out of five)

Natural environment ++++
History and culture ++++
Sports programs ++
Religion +
Shopping ++
Food +++
Golf +
Rafting +++
Diving +++++
Skiing ++

Special impressions:
In recent years my hobbies have been hiking and diving, so I will choose a resort with beautiful landscapes and unrestrained and far-ranging space. Malaysia's Sabah features not only Mount Kinabalu, which is about 4,000 meters above sea level, but also Sipadan island which is one of the world's top ten diving destinations. For those who like birds or jungle adventures, virgin forest reserves such as the River Kinabatangan will be a good choice. The whole state of Sabah is covered by cash crops like oil palm, so the vegetation on the way may seem a bit dull. However, as there is not so much business there, the place is very suitable for backpacker travelers. For those who are keen on shopping and nightlife, the place could be disappointing.

Which hotel has impressed you the most? (Score out of five.)
Wynn Macau +++++

Special impression
Wynn Macau is conveniently located and features a spectacular night view. Nearby the hotel are the Grand Lisboa Macau, MGM Macau and Starworld Hotel & Casino. Every Saturday during the Macau Fireworks Festival, which is held in September or October every year, fireworks will be let off on the sea directly opposite the hotel.

Please comment on each of the factors of the hotel that impressed you. (Score out of five.)

Hotel Brand +++++
Location ++++
Room Reservation Service +++
Room Rate +++
Reception Service ++++
Concierge service ++++
Hotel security +++++
Elevators ++++
Transportation +++
Hotel services +++
Hotel catering services ++++
Spa Did not use
Hotel and surrounding environment +++

Please comment on the hotel rooms (Score out of five):
Room type : standard

Door lock ++++
Air-conditioning ++++
Power points +++
Ventilation system ++++
Cabinet/clothes rack +++
Bath towels and robes ++++
Broadband Internet connection +++(Chargeable)
Safe +++
Shower and bathtub ++++
Lighting +++
Turn-down service +++
Quietness/noise-proofing +++
Floor/direction/natural light/scenery ++++
Room size ++++
Television size and number of channels +++
Newspaper (domestic/local/English) +++
Bed ++++
Sanitary facilities ++++
Mini bar +++
Work area +++
Room decoration ++++

Special impressions:
The hotel offers large and well-decorated rooms. The beds here are comfortable and the bathroom clean. All in all, it is a sound choice on the Macau peninsula. Compared with nearby hotels, the hotel and its lobby are less noisy, but they make people more easily relaxed.

Which places did you visit during you stay in the destination and which scenic spots left you with a deep impression?
The Seaside Road House Museum, the Macau Wine Museum, Taipa Guanye Street, and Coloane Village. Macau is not a big city but it is very attractive. What you need to do is to choose a place that is most suitable for you within a limited time, be it a dining venue, or a shopping mall, or an entertainment district, or even a romantic urban lane. Most of the time, you cannot enjoy every good thing at the same time.

Please comment on the destination. (Score out of five):

Geographic environment ++++
Folk customs ++++
Transportation ++
Climate +++
Bars +++
Shopping ++++
Food ++++
City layout +++
Cultural and Historical Relics ++++

Macau is a very attractive city. In addition to luxury and entertainment, it has a rustic atmosphere which blends eastern and western cultures. While it can be busy, crowded and noisy in one place, it may be full of leisure, comfort and romance only a few hundred meters away. It is hard to understand why noisiness can be so perfectedly united with the calmness of the local people. I like the night in Macau. Walking through the city, you will feel all that you have expected. However, it is very difficult to take a taxi in Macau. Macau limits the number of licensed taxis to 3,000, so the city's taxi drivers will never be in competition with each other. Even at the airport, there is no way for taxi drivers to queque to wait for passengers. The best way to find a taxi in Macau is to stand in the line outside of one the entertainment venues and keep waiting.