Anyang Holds Courtyard Culture Travel Forum

Anyang in Henan Province, has held a Courtyard Culture Travel Forum, with attendees from the provinces of Shanxi, Hebei, Henan, and Shandong.

Participants include representatives from the Courtyard of the Qiao Family, Chang Family's Compound, and the Royal Prime Minister's Palace in Shanxi; the Courtyard of Family Wang in Hebei; the Courtyard of the Zhuang Family and the Mou Family Manor in Shandong; and the Kang Family Manor; the Courtyard of the Ye Family, and the Courtyard of the Ma Family in Henan.

In addition directors from tourism departments from the four provinces also attended the forum.

Attendees exchanged ideas on how to protect China's courtyard heritage in an effective way and how to use the added value of cultural travel, to provide spiritual pleasure and material support for modern society. In addition, they reached agreements to form a courtyard strategic alliance, to further study courtyard culture, and to promote courtyard travel through cinema and television media.

Courtyards are outstanding architecture models in China. The four provinces have long histories and long-established cultures.