Shanghai Airports Report Record Volumes In 2010

Shanghai Airport Group recently said that the city's two airports' annual passenger throughput is expected to exceed 72 million in 2010, thanks to the Shanghai World Expo which helped boost the local travel market.

The group said that Shanghai Pudong International Airport's passenger throughput exceeded 40 million as of December 23, 2010, while Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport's passenger throughput passed 30 million as of December 16, 2010.

Pudong Airport's passenger throughput in 2010 rose 30% year on year to 41 million, making it one of the top 20 airports in the global market, while its cargo throughput exceeded 3.24 million tons, making it the nation's third-busiest airport.

The airport's network links 115 countries and 66 domestic cities. In 2010, seven more international carriers and two more domestic carrier launched flights at the airport.