Wuhan: Nine New Tourism Projects In 2011

At a recent Wuhan Tourism Working Conference it was stated that in 2011 construction will be commenced on nine tourism projects with total investment of CNY10.88 billion.

Meanwhile, seven projects including Wuhan Polar Ocean World, Wuchang Ancient Town, and Sbouyi Culture Zone are expected to be completed and open for business.

In addition to four hotel projects, the other five projects are China Health Valley, Ocean Park, East Lake Street, Olympic Street, and Hongshan Jewelry & Stone Street. The CNY1.2 billion Ocean Park project will be located in the Economic Development Zone, including the 70,000-square meter park and 60,000-square meter hotel. CNY190 million East Lake Street in the East Lake Scenic Area will be the place for antique dealers, culture and leisure, art, and bars and restaurants.

In 2010, Wuhan signed five projects, including Mulan Yuyuan and Tangxun Lake Guanyin Island Resort, with a total investment of CNY13.22 billion. By the end of 2010, there were 26 tourism projects under development in Wuhan.