Traveling To See Nature In Chongqing

Feng Lei is  the deputy general manager of Beijing Capital Highway Development Company. He tells China Hospitality News about his experiences while staying in Chongqing.

Please score the following answers to the questions. Five points are the full mark.

The time when you go for a holiday:

Annual Leave ++++
Spring Festival +
Traditional holidays +++
National day holiday +

The cities that have impressed you most during your holidays: Chongqing, Sanya, and Shangri-La.

Reasons for choosing a travel destination:

Natural environment ++++
History and culture +++
Sports programs +
Shopping ++++
Food +++
Diving +

Which hotel has impressed you the most? How would you score it?
I would give Sofitel Forebase Chongqing 90 points. It is located in the High-Tech Industrial Development Zone so it is not quite the place for shopping though it is convenient to get to the city center by car. The hotel was opened in 2007, and boasts the latest and best service facilities. The guestrooms are spacious, clean and comfortable. Standard rooms are 10 square meters larger than those of most hotels and are furnished with high-tech facilities. The luxury floor has delicate food and beverage service, especially a variety of yogurt pure taste.

Please score each of the factors of the hotel that impressed you:

Hotel Brand +++++
Location ++++
Room Reservation Service +++
Room Rate +++
Reception Service ++++
Air ticket and train ticket booking and purchasing +++
Visitor message +++
Doorman luggage +++
Scenic spot or other consulting service ++++
Hotel security ++++
Elevators ++++
Transportation ++++
Service guide in the hotel and its rooms ++++
Wake-up service +++
Laundry, free newspaper/room maintenance +++
Concierge cars/taxi/ ++++
Tools for rainy/snowy days) +++
Hotel catering service ++++
Spa +++
Hotel and surrounding environment +++
Taxi call service ++++

Your comments on the hotel rooms:
Room type: Deluxe

Door lock +++
Air-conditioner ++++
Power points +++
Ventilation system +++
Cabinet/clothes rack +++
Towels and bathrobes +++++
Internet access +++
Safe ++++
Shower and bathtub ++++
Lighting ++++
Turndown service ++++
Quietness ++++
Outlook ++++
Room size ++++
Television size and channels ++++
Newspaper (domestic/local/English) +++
Bed ++++
Sanitary facilities +++
Mini bar +++
Work area ++++
Room decoration ++++

Particular impression: The simple but fashionable design of the guestrooms is in a unique French style. The spacious rooms have ample natural light, the bath towels are new and clean, wonderful lighting in wardrobe, the double bed is soft and comfortable, and there is a spacious office area. Local and English newspapers are provided.

What did you dislike or were dissatisfied with in terms of hotel service and facilities? Would you plan to come back again for future trip?
If ever there was a second chance I will choose to stay at the hotel again. There was a small pity that I could not open the door after I checked in. I think hotel should check it out before handling the key to guests.

Which places did you visit during you stay at the destination and which scenic spots left you with a deep impression?
Tiefengshan National Forest Park, Phoenix Mountain, Tianmen Pier, and Ciqikou Old Town. Tiefengshan National Forest Park has 869 species of plants and over 500 species of animals, it is like a treasure land for living things. There are also many historical sites inside the forest park.

Please score the destination on the following aspects:

Geographic environment +++
Folk customs +++
Transportation +++
Climate +++
Bars +++
Shopping +++
Food +++
City layout +++
Cultural and historical relics +++