Changsha Subsidizes Key Conferences And Exhibitions

Changsha Conference and Exhibition Leading Group Office has selected 16 exhibitions in 2011 to benefit from its conference and exhibition program subsidy management provisional regulation which was promulgated earlier this year.

According the provisional regulation, Changsha will grant subsidies to qualifying large-scale international and national professional exhibitions and other key professional events. Most national and international exhibitions that have been held in Changsha at least three times will be eligible for subsidies. A subsidy of CNY200 be booth will be granted for an exhibition with 700-1,000 international standard booths, and CNY 300 a booth will be granted in an exhibition with more than 1,000 booths.

Exhibitions with at least 300 booths held by local enterprises will also get subsidies. CNY200 will be granted for each booth of an exhibition with less than 500 booths, and CNY300 for exhibitions with more than 500 booths.