Nanchang Travel Information Center Unveiled

Nanchang Tourism Administration, Nanchang China Mobile, and Jiangxi Juzhen Media Company have jointly opened the Nanchang Travel Information Center.

This center offers a toll free service to tourists via the number 4001012301. Meanwhile 14 travel information stations will be set up, of which ten will be in China Mobile service halls; while others will be in Changbei Airport, Nanchang Passenger Station, Nanchang Railway Station, and Nanchang Tourist Center.

According to Li Yun,the director of Nanchang Tourism Administration, the center is expected to improve tourism services in Nanchang and meet the demand for travel information from tourists.

Nanchang's tourism industry has been developing very rapidly in recent years. With the approach of the Seventh Intercity Games it is expected that more and more tourists will come to Nanchang.