Macau And Hubei Sign Tourism Agreement

The Macau Government Tourist Office and Hubei Provincial Tourism Administration have signed a tourism cooperation memorandum agreeing to promote the development of both party's tourism industries.

Macau and Hubei both agree to enhance high-speed rail tourism marketing, and travel agencies from both regions have also signed agreements on group tours.

Zhang Dahua, the director of Hubei Tourism Administration, said that Hubei and Macau have maintained good interaction in tourism exchanges and cooperation, and it will be easier for Macau tourists to get to Hubei with the extension of Wuhan to Guangzhou high-speed rail link.

Joao Manuel Costa Antunes, the director of MGTO, commented that this memorandum will play an active role in attracting tourists and promoting cooperation on tourism between Hubei and Macau. He added that the Macau government will cooperate with more mainland provinces to promote its tourism.