China Southern And China Eastern To Decrease International Flights

To reduce transportation costs, China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines have said that they plan to decrease their number of international flights, just weeks before the start of the Olympics.

China Southern said that it will adjust some of its international flights from this June. Its eight routes to the Southeast Asia region will have some of their flights canceled from June through to September, including the round-trip routes from Guangzhou to Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Angkor, Phuket, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Seoul as well as the route from Beijing to Seoul. Of these the company will stop the relevant transportation on the routes from Guangzhou to Angkor and Phuket.

According to local media, in addition to those Southeast Asian routes, there are 14 destinations to which the company is likely to decrease flight frequencies or to adjust flight schedules. These include Los Angeles, Paris, Sydney, Singapore, Jakarta, Penang, Seoul, Lagos, Dubai, Fukuoka, and Delhi.