Yunnan Unveils Provincial Standard For Hotspring Tourism Service

The Yunnan Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision has approved and published four provincial standards for hotspring tourism and spa services that have been proposed by Yunnan Provincial Tourism Administration and drafted out by Yunnan Tourism Association Spa & Hotspring Branch.

The four standards including the "Criteria for Using Hotspring Tourism Signs", the "Criteria for Hotspring Tourism Service", the "Ranking and Assessment of Hotspring Tourism Service Location", and the "Ranking and Assessment of Spa Operation Location" are currently taken as the first integrated industrial standard in China.

Of these, the "Criteria for Using Hotspring Tourism Signs" classified the quality authentication signs of the tourism-purposed hot springs into five levels, with the highest "Special Class" and the lowest "The Fourth Class". The ranking and assessment of hot spring tourism services and spa operation locations lists the conditions of ranking and regulations of assessment, as well as the requirements of each level of hot spring and spa. There are five grades including from one to five stars with the lowest being one-star and the highest five-star.

According to Yunnan Tourism Association Spa & Hotspring Branch, there are a total of over 1,400 hot springs around the province. During the Tenth Five-Year Plan period the total capital invested in hot spring leisure and resort projects in Yunnan exceeded CNY4 billion; for the 11th Five-Year Plan period, the total investment for hot spring projects under construction or renovation reaches about CNY15 billion.