CNTA Supports Building Of Beibu Gulf International Tourism Brand

Du Jiang, vice director of the China National Tourism Administration, said at the 2008 Pan-Beibu Gulf Economic Cooperation Forum that CNTA will take full advantage of its 18 travel offices abroad to increase tourism promotion in overseas markets, jointly building the Beibu Gulf international tourism brand.

Du also said that CNTA will actively participate in and support the economic cooperation and tourism development in the Pan-Beibu Gulf region, cooperating with Guangxi, Guangdong and Hainan to launch regional tourism brands and products embodied with distinct themes and features as well as strong market attraction. On the basis of the Beibu Gulf regional tourism development plan, CNTA will push the tourism management departments, tourism industry organizations, tour cities and tourism enterprises in each country and area in the Pan-Beibu Gulf region to carry out cooperation to build the win-win regional tourism cooperation system with multiple participants.

CNTA said that it will continue to expedite the construction of tourism channels and infrastructure facilities in the Pan-Beibu Gulf region, and will assist in improving major tourism projects construction and regional tourism functions to launch more tour destinations with special themes and features.

In addition, CNTA will held various kinds of tour themed activities to strengthen the tourism cooperation between China and the ASEAN Free Trade Area.