Macau Allowed To Open Travel Agencies In Guangdong In New Year

According to Supplement V of the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement, Macau travel agencies will be allowed to set up wholly owned travel agencies in Guangdong from January 1 2009.

The Guangdong government is authorized to examine and approve Macau service suppliers who wish to set up joint venture or wholly owned travel agencies in the province. This means that Macau travel agencies can offer tour services through their wholly owned travel agencies in Guangdong to Chinese mainland tour groups.

According to local media, as of the end of September 2008, the of endorsements to Macau that are issued to individual travelers in Guangdong accounted for about 80% of the total number of endorsements issued in China. From January 200, Macau travel agencies in operating in Guangdong will be able to receive tourists traveling from Macau to mainland China, and can also operate package tours for Chinese mainland citizens.