Hanting Hotel Launches New Checkout Service

Hanting Hotels Group has launched a non-stop checkout service for its customers.

With this new service, guests with a Hanting members card will no longer need to pay a deposit for the hotel room when they check in, and they will be given an invoice when they pay the full amount due for all the nights they are scheduled to stay. When this is done, they will not have any checkout formalities when they want to leave the hotel.

Zhang Tuo, the chief operations officer of Hanting, revealed that the secret of the non-stop checkout service lies in the Hanting membership card that can be used to open the door of the hotel room. The smart membership card will be enabled to act as a door card at the moment a customer checks in, and with the card the customer can leave the hotel directly without going through the check out process. Guests who do not bring a membership card with them only need to place the hotel door card issued to them at check in into a non-stop checkout box before departing from the hotel.