New Website Offers Travel To Hong Kong And Macau

A website which aims to provide convenience to Beijing residents' traveling in Hong Kong and Macau, has been formally launched with the support of Hong Kong Tourism Board and Macau Government Tourist Office.

The new website,, offers preferential air fares and hotel room rates as travel information. The rates are claimed to be more reliable and more cost effective than those offered elsewhere. It is understood that the Chinese language website features a complete list of travel information focusing on Hong Kong and Macau's food, accommodation, transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment as well as a series of featured travel products, including the super-value Hong Kong local telephone card, airport shuttle bus coupons, and discounted entrance tickets for scenic spots.

Hong Kong media reported previously that the number of tourists visiting Hong Kong is expected to decrease by 1.6% this year as a result of the influence of the global financial crisis.