Tianjin Counteracts Low Season With Themed Travel Products

Tourism companies in Tianjin have launched a series of promotions to drive up numbers during the low season.

In response to the dramatic decline of tourism market, travel agencies in Tianjin have launched a range of themed travel products targeting at the elderly in the hope of vitalizing the tourism market in the low season. They offer low prices to attract this special group of people who have time to travel and put a premium on low prices.

In addition, airline companies are also busy offering discounted air tickets. It is learned that at present, air tickets for flights departing from Tianjin are priced at about 50%-70% off the full fare. As a result, travel agencies and online travel service providers have had to lower their prices to attract customers.

To stimulate consumers' enthusiasm for traveling, Jinlong International Travel Service, a local travel service provider, is cooperating with a number of travel companies including Spring Airlines, Asiana Airlines, All Nippon Airways and Zhangjiajie Scenic Spot to issue travel coupons to tourists to help vitalize the tourism market.