CNTA: Local Governments Can Resume May Golden Week

Liu Xiaojun, a representative of the China National Tourism Administration, has told the media that although CNTA had not considered resuming the May Golden Week holiday, it was possible that the local governments at various levels may resume the holiday on a trial basis if they think it's conducive to their economic development.

According to Chinese media, Zhao Xiqin, a former deputy director of CNTA and a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, it was proposed in a team discussion during the latest CPPCC meeting that the May Golden Week should be resumed. Zhang said that after the long winter season, people will have a strong desire for a long week to travel and relax, and May holiday is the best season for them to do so. What's more, the holiday plays an important role in promoting tourism development, and under the current global financial crisis, it is more necessary than ever to resume the holiday.

However, Cai Jiming, another deputy of the National Committee of CPPCC objected to Zhang's opinion on the May holiday, believing that it is against the spirit of the country's reform of the holiday system.

Representatives from CNTA are quoted by the local media as saying that a discussion needs to be held with the National Development and Reform Commission and approval gained from the State Council as to whether the May Golden Week could be resumed.