7 Days Inn Tries Internet Community

Chinese budget hotel chain 7 Days Inn has announced the trial operation of a social networking site "Happy 7 Days" on its official website.

The community is expected to enhance the brand loyalty of six million 7 Days Inn members, and to attract more new members by the existing members' praise and virtual games. As the first budget hotel chain in China to exploit an e-business platform, 7 Days Inn will go to the fourth stage of its e-business along with the maturity of its SNS community, which is to build a low-cost community and living environment in virtual reality.

Besides the virtual reality online game, the SNS community also features helpful tools such as weather forecasts, maps, and city life information. Unlike any other SNS websites focusing on entertainment, the Happy 7 Days will also provide travel service solutions and other travel-related services such as car rental, air ticketing, and insurance.