China's State Council Publishes Plans For Hainan Tourism

China's State Council has issued a plan for pushing forward the building of Hainan into an international tourism island.

The plan states that the real estate industry of Hainan shall develop in stable and healthy manner and it shall grow in step with the tourism industry. The construction of high quality star-rated hotels and holiday resorts with Hainan characteristics shall be encouraged, the development, construction and sale of property type hotels shall be regulated, residential properties shall be developed steadily to meet the demand for winter resorts and leisure homes, the construction of family hotels and house leasing businesses shall be encouraged after the housing conditions of both urban and rural residents have been improved.

The plan says that urban and rural integration will be accelerated and efforts will be made to develop a batch of tourism villages with Hainan characteristics. In addition, work will be undertaken to develop large size shopping malls and shopping markets in Hainan where tourists are expected to purchase duty-free goods during their travel.

The plan points out that the construction and development of Hainan International Tourism Island will be promoted in a steady manner and efforts will be made to nurture the manufacture of such tourism related products as saloon cars, yachts, light hydroplanes, diving equipment, and golf facilities. It says that all this must be done without sacrificing the ecological environment.

According to the plan, local financial institutions will be boosted to support the financing of eligible tourism enterprises and insurance companies be will encouraged to provide innovative travel insurance products to tourists.