Travel Agencies Set Up New Tourism Union In Chongqing

Chongqing Junhao International Travel Service, Guangda International Travel Service, Changjiang Overseas Travel Company, and 13 other travel agencies in Chongqing have set up the New Chongqing Tourism Union.

You Kaihong, an official of the Union, stated that the New Chongqing Tourism Union will integrate the facilities of its member agencies to avoid the vicious competition in travel industry. You said the Union has already set up strategic partnership with scenic spots and travel agencies in Guizhou, Yunnan, Beijing, and regions near Chongqing.

According to You, this is also good news for the agents' clients because they will be able to book high-quality tourist products with preferential prices. One big difference between the Union and a chained travel retailer is that the Union can actually provide tourist routes and so guarantee their quality. Members have agreed that none of them is allowed to lower their prices to attract more clients, or they will be expelled from the Union.