Wuxi Regulates Travel Agency Services For FIT

The tourism and quality supervision departments of Wuxi have promulgated the Travel Agency Service Specification for Frequent Independent Travelers.

Focusing on the problem of accommodation, the document has stated clearly that travel agencies are not allowed to use vague and unspecific terms such as luxurious (Haohua) and equivalent (Xiangdangyu) that may be misunderstood by tourists.

The document also requires that tour guides arrange shopping activities strictly according to the itinerary, and should not add shopping destinations and times without authorization. Tour guides should introduce shopping information in advance and should not mislead the consumer.

Moreover, travel agencies should publish their phone number for handling tourists' complaints and have full-time or part-time staff to answer these complaints within seven working days. For major complaints, travel agency principals should report the actual state of affairs to tourism administrative departments.