Kuxun.cn Announces Cooperation With Kaixin100.com

Chinese travel search engine Kuxun.cn has announced that it has struck a strategic cooperation agreement with Kaixin001.com, the well-known social networking service provider in China, saying the two will work together to expand online travel business.

This follows Kuxun.cn's cooperation agreements with eLong.com, Daodao.com, MSN, and Sogou.com.

Zhang Haijun, the CEO of Kuxun.cn, said this is the first step in the plan website to cooperation with SNS websites. The cooperation with Kaixin001.com will concentrate on products. Kaixin001.com will import air ticket data from Kuxun.cn, which will enable users to search for, compare and book tickets on Kaixin001.com.

The application product developed by Kuxun.cn and Kaixin001.com will be available online soon.